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cappuccine frappe mixes

we are a proud distributer of cappuccine frappe mixes

Served hot, cold, or iced, Cappuccine frappe mixes are available in a wide variety of coffee and tea flavors. Available in 3 lb bags, each bag makes approximately 34, 8 oz beverages. For bulk orders, contact us for wholesale pricing.

the original frappe

specialty beverages

Made with the finest ingredients, Cappuccine frappe mixes allow you to easily make your favorite speciality lattes right at home.

Kona Mocha

new flavors

Premium chocolate and exotic coffee meet to deliver pure decadence in a cup.

Red Velvet


Velvety, smooth cake batter with rich cocoa and a luscious red color is a sweet temptation in a cup.

White Choclate


Gourmet white chocolate makes the perfect coffee-free treat. Great on its own or ideal as a base.

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