Espresso Products

Our signature vlo espresso is blended and roasted in italy by our team of experts from beans sourced across the globe for the best taste, crema, and aroma

Experience the flavors of Italy without the plane ticket! Our espresso is imported directly from Italy and exclusively blended for Victoria L'Originale.

since 1983

fine italian espresso is what we do best

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Espresso Beans

classic & gold blends

Offered in 2 lb bags of whole beans or 8 oz cans of ground beans, our signature espresso comes in classic or gold blend.

espresso pods

single & double cup

Pre-measured and individually packaged espresso pods make the perfect cup every time. Now available in single and double cup portions.

espresso capsules

nero & oro blends

Available in Nespresso and Lavazza compatible capsules, our espresso is available in two flavors. Nero produces a strong, intense espresso flavor while the Oro is a sweeter, softer blend of Arabica.