Aviator 5 Keys


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Product Details

With Aviator 5 Keys T-Bar, pressure regulation has never been so simple. Via the special aluminium lever the barista is able to regulate in real time the operating pressure at any time of the day, even during dispensing of the coffee itself, to ensure perfect extraction for each espresso and for each blend.

Independent Temperature Control

Excellent and immediate performance through our T.C.I. technology that guarantees the final temperature on each individual cup. Managing each single group’s delivery temperature will be easy and with maximum precision. From the touch-screen colour displays, the water temperature of each single group can be managed in real time. An innovative water pre-heating circuit guarantees excellent thermal stability, even in intense working conditions.

Independent Pressure Profile

Thanks to our new pressure control system, five different pressure profiles can be programmed for each group, allowing perfect and precise espresso coffee extraction into the cup. Our motto is Simplicity and intuition. Thanks to brand new touch-screen display technology, it’s easy to manage the pressure you want, for as long as you want, in real time. Operators can personalise the pressure curve and get the best out of the coffee.

Standard Features of the Aviator 5 Keys:
  • New steam nozzles with anti-scald system to facilitate use.
  • Competition shower with micropores coated with the application of nanotechnology, a high quality NanoQuartz coating that improves the non-stick properties of this shower and allows even more homogeneous water distribution.
  • A TFT colour touch-screen display that allows setting and monitoring of the dispensing parameters of each coffee through intuitive icons ensuring an excellent result.
  • Side courtesy lights and sub-group lights that allow uniform work space lighting.
  • Insulated thermosiphon circuit copper boilers to reduce energy consumption and to improve thermal stability with respect to traditional coffee machines.
  • The ECO mode will guarantee an additional energy saving of 1.3 kW in the 2 groups and 2.6 kW in the 3 groups model. (ECO mode available only for electronic model).
  • Raised gratings for maximum versatility in all preparations.
  • Heat-balancing units.
  • Thermoregulated electronic cup-warmer.

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*For shipping inquiries, please contact our office at (954)-922-2512 or vlo@vlo.com

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