Fiamma Caravel 2 CV, 2 Group, Compact Espresso Machine


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Product Details

Fiamma Caravel Compact 2

A reliable, powerful machine that prepares excellent espresso. Built with high quality components and robust materials, the Caravel is very durable. Mechanic system that guarantees an even and gentle pre-infusion for a delicious coffee. Programmable portions for coffee on each group (CV). Version with push-button for manual portioning. Easy to use, lighted keyboards with high resistance. Generous cup warming area. Automatic cleaning cycles for the groups (CV models). Work area that allows use of cups with up to 14 cm height.

The Fiamma Caravel Compact 2 is small yet powerful with two brewing groups capable of making up to 4 drinks at a time. The Compact is very popular in bars and small cafes where coffee is a top priority, but space is at a premium.

The Compact will do everything the larger machines do but in a smaller package. Simple 13amp plug, so no need to upgrade electrics saving money and time.

With a larger main boiler, the Caravel 2 group benefits from two powerful steamer wands and good temperature stability. Most importantly, having a larger hot water capacity means less temperature fluctuation so your coffee remains consistent.

The Caravel is a powerful and a very cost effective option which stands up to any 2-group machine in this category. Recommended for cafés, restaurants, bars and anywhere a commercial machine is needed to provide great coffee time after time.

DIMENSIONS (WDH): 475x563x530 mm
POWER: 2.5 kW
POWER SUPPLY: ~220-230 V/400V-2N
WEIGHT: 52.5 kg

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