Nau Classica, Black- Fiamma Espresso Coffee Machine - 1 group


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Product Details

Meet the Fiamma Nau Classica 1 Group Espresso Machine, with its sleek design and vibrant color scheme, add modern flair to any setup, be it at home or in a professional setting. Compact yet functional, it ensures easy operation without sacrificing quality.

Enjoy a perfect shot every time with a precision engineered E61 group head and a specially designed shot timer, designed by renowned Black Forest clockmakers Hanhart clockmakers, for consistent brewing temperature and extraction time. Whether you prefer a bold shot or creamy cappuccino, the Nau Classica delivers perfect flavor every time.

With intuitive controls and a steam wand for milk frothing, unleash your creativity and craft a variety of specialty drinks effortlessly. Experience espresso mastery with the Fiamma Nau Classica—where style meets performance. Savor Italy’s authentic flavors with this exquisite machine.


  • E61 professional group head for temperature stability
  • steam wand and hot water dispenser
  • 2 L boiler capacity, professional-grade, brass boiler
  • 3 L water tank capacity
  • espresso shot timer, Hanhart stopwatch

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 220-240V
Heating system: Single boiler
Water tank capacity: 3 L
Boiler capacity: 2 L
Pump: vibrating
Pressurestat: yes
Water level indicator: yes
Temperature light indicator: yes
Steam wand: yes, cool-touch

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