Rancilio Rocky Doser Grinder


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Product Details

Rancilio. It’s the most recognized name in commercial quality espresso machines and grinders. And now, the company has packaged all the professional features and functionality that they’re famous for into its latest line of Rocky grinders. The Rancilio Rocky Doser Coffee Grinder is ideal for the coffee enthusiast looking for better control over grinding. Featuring 50mm burr grinding plates crafted of the finest tempered steel, the Rocky is designed to deliver 55 different types of quality grounds at the press of a button, all without imparting additional heat during the process.

As for its functionality, it comes in a doser or doserless variety. With the doserless, you’ll have more manual control over the amount of grounds you deliver to your chosen filter or carafe. And with a doser, you’ll have the ability to tap out the right amount of grounds into the portafilter and then go straight to your espresso machine in mere seconds.

The Rancilio Rocky Doser comes with a redesigned coffee drip tray and still uses the same hardened steel burr cutting disks as the Rancilio MD40 commercial grinder and has a heavy-duty thermally protected motor. Because the Rocky uses large 50mm (2 inch) cutting disks, the powerful motor is able to run at a lower RPM. This ensures that the coffee does not burn and also makes the Rocky grinder very fast and quiet. Its high throughput of coffee (8 seconds per shot) will reward you time and time again, when you are in a hurry or late for work.

Although called grinders, true espresso grinders, such as the Rocky, more properly cut the coffee. This ensures that the coffee packs easily and provides consistent resistance regardless of the tamp pressure. The Rocky has a nearly infinite range of settings for super accurate espresso settings and can easily handle extra-fine settings such as what’s required by the Rancilio Silvia. The Rancilio Rocky Doser Grinder also has a 30 shot doser capable of accurately dispensing multiple espresso shots if desired. This is a great feature if you are having a dinner party or are in an office environment, but for one or two espresso occasions we still prefer the more ritualistic and Barista-approved shot-on-demand method – grind, flick, flick, flick!

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