Commercial Pizza Oven

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Product Details

This oven is considered the strong point of M.A.M Company. It was devised during the 70s and then has been modified to get its performance better and still today it is the most known and appreciated oven from the worldwide pizza makers. It is excellent for those pizzerias that want to keep the tradition of a static oven without renouncing the advantages of an excellent baking quality.The M.A.M. prefabricated wood burning traditional oven is made of vibrated refractory material and can be fitted with a gas burner. The M.A.M. traditional oven is manufactured in 9 pieces of fired vibrated refractory material, 10 cm thick, providing maximum yield with minimum consumption. It bakes in 2 and half minutes at the most. The M.A.M. oven is switched on in just 15-20 minutes, since the temperature remains almost unchanged compared to the evening before.

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