Victoria Arduino Venus

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Product Details

Victoria Arduino has dominated the industry since 1905 with its state of the art machines and designs. At Victoria L’Originale we have one of the largest collections of the highly-sought after Victoria Arduino Venus machines. We have fully functioning machines for home, single boiler, and commercial use, double or triple boiler. We also have some display machines. Be the envy of all your friends when you unveil this beauty in your home.  The Venus family of machines make a statement. Made from brass, they will last a lifetime. If you have a Victoria Arduino Venus machine already and are looking for a reliable place for maintenance and service, bring it in today! We will gladly help to keep your machine running as if it was 1960. The Venus family comes in three color options: copper, chrome, or brass. Which will you choose? Don’t wait, give us a call today!

Check out our media gallery to view photos of our other Victoria Arduino Venus family machines and follow our instagram to stay up to date!

The enduring, traditional dome-style Venus is capped with the signature Victoria Arduino eagle that has signified sophisticated, advanced and lasting espresso machines for well over seventy years both in their home country Italy, and all over the world. Much more than just a pleasing work of art, the Venus Family also brews wonderful espressos and features a steam wand for making exquisite cappuccinos and lattes as well.

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