San Giorgio Espresso Capsule Machine


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Product Details

Elevate your Coffee Experience at Home

Introducing the easy and convenient, capsule machine for the home! It’s compact size is designed to deliver your daily espresso needs, right to your kitchen counter. Perfect for any household, it combines convenience and advanced brewing technology to provide fan exceptional coffee experience every time!



  • Space-saving, Modern aethetics, chrome details, One-touch functionality
  • Adjustable cup sizes to suit your preference: Brews a short or long espresso (corto; lungo; customizable)
  • Revolutionary single serve capsule hot beverage system for coffee, tea, herbal, etc.
  • Suitable for Nespresso/Lavazza blue/Lavazza point/Cafittaly/Espresso Cap, etc.
  • Patented auto used capsule ejection system with collection container up to 12 PCS max.
  • Sliding brewing chamber cover
  • Removable drip collection tray
  • Removable water tank with visible water level
  • Energy saving system: 8 minutes auto turn off when idle
  • Detachable coffee outlet for dishwasher cleaning.

Technical Specifications:

Capsule Espresso Machines RC-1802
Voltage: 100/110/220~240V

Power: 1400W
Pump brand: AET, Ulka Olab, Invensys
Pump pressure: 15/19/20 bar

Water Tank Capacity: 1.0LDrip Tray Collection: 350ml

Product Dimensions: 13.78” X 7” X 10.62”



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